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Email client

Posted by stevetabler on December 7, 2012

I’ve used several email clients. Pine, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora. Although dated, I keep going bac to Eudora despite some aspects of it being annoying. There hasn’t been any new work done on the original Eudora for a few years now. I’m not sure any is planned.

I am currently working on an Email client of my own, to replace Eudora on my system. I’m concentrating on the parts of an Email client I currently use. I want something I can just drop-in and directly use with my existing Eudora email files without having to do an import operation…..importing 10+ years of email can take a lot of time. I also want to keep my email folder structure intact. Finally, I want to continue to use filters that are at least equal to the filters I can setup on Eudora.

Problems with other email programs I’ve tried:

  • Hard limit to the total size of accumulated messages.
  • Storing the filters, and other key parameters, in the registry, and then having to recreate them manually due to a registery error, or a re-install of Windows.
  • Sudden changes in focus due to a background activity within the email client i.e. polling a server.
  • Eudora currently suffers from some initial start-up problems when running in Windows 7. It works all right once the problem times-out, but it would be nice for it to just work.
  • Finer control of email polling is desired. Currently, I can set Eudora to poll for email once every 10 minutes. However, I use multiple email servers from and some of them I think that polling hourly or daily would be sufficient.

Current work on this project is just beginning. Work is being done in C#. I plan to share the results of this project once I have something to share. This may become a shareware/freeware/donationware project.


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